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  Recreation Areas...parks, library, playgrounds & trails

  • Trustee Bruno is the liaison for the Park,
    Playground and Recreation.
  • Trustee Schneider is the liaison for trail development.
  • Tivoli Memorial Recreation Park Hours
    are from Dawn to 10pm

    Tivoli Memorial Recreation Park
    - Located on Pine Street & Katherine Lane, under the Water Tower
    - Playground, pavilion, basketball court, baseball field

            To Reserve Space or for more park information
              Please contact Linda Gonnella, Village Clerk
              Village Hall - 86 Broadway, Tivoli NY 12583

    Tivoli Free Library
    - Located on the 1st floor of the Historic Watts dePeyster Hall, 86 Broadway
    - Hours of Operation:
          Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM
          Sat 10AM-2PM
    - Extensive collection, Childrenís Story time, Adult Book Club
    - Public use of computers & internet access

Closed for National Holidays  -  Call (845) 757-3771 or
                visit our web, www.tivolilibrary.org

     Tivoli Commons
Rest in the gazebo, in the shade of a historic building, watch passers-by, then hike
   to the bays via the trail in the rear of the Historic Watts dePeyster Hall, Broadway, Tivoli

      Monument Hill
Pay respects to the men & women who fought and died for our nation, located on
      Broadway,  Tivoli

     Tivoliís Waterfront
       Visit the peaceful shores of the majestic Hudson River, Broadway & Friendship Street